The U. S. Drought Monitor, which will tracks drought conditions across the nation, says Lake Lewisville was up to 15 legs below normal last month. Which means fishing businesses will be hampered, and it will always be harder for visitors to enjoy sport fishing on the pond. A larger pond level is perfect for fish because it allows them to hide by predators and avoid being seen by individuals. A larger lake will also help keep the neighborhood economy humming, according to Jacky Wiggins, a sports activities fishing information in Highland Village.

A recent investigation by Dallas Morning News open the dam at Lewisville Lake, which is upstream of downtown Dallas. The Corps of Designers had been worried that growing water could canal under the dam and damage it. Not only is it unsanitary, the weakened dam could cause a danger to hundreds of people who live, work, and play on the area. Despite the danger, it is still possible to go swimming in the lake, so it is extremely important to monitor the amount.

The Corps of Engineers has a $150 mil plan to banks up the dam. This project is supposed to begin next year. For now, the dam’s level is not getting close to the urgent spillway. Yet , higher pond levels are a good idea for those who would like to enjoy sportfishing. A higher level as well makes it easier designed for fish to hide when recreating. But if the normal water levels keep dropping, it’s hard for individuals who love the outside the house to continue the activities.